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Stage of writing the book

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Self-publish and start selling your book worldwide

Aspiring authors no longer need to delay their dreams to get published. Whether you have written a short story or an epic saga, we have got you covered. The complete book publishing packages of Prowess are designed to meet every demand of your manuscript. You can choose the services you want and our publishing consultant will help you straight away.

End-to-End Book Publishing Needs

Book Creation

Book creation

Publish your book in print and eBook format to make sure you reach out to all the audience globally. You don't want to miss any reader segment by publishing only electronic or print format. We recommend authors to publish in both formats. Learn More

Book Designing


You have three seconds to impress your reader. Having a good cover on the book is one step closer to success. Our experienced team of designers can manifest the essence of your story into a beautiful cover image Learn More

Book Distrubution


Make your book available in leading online stores through our distribution partners across the globe. Your book will find its audience across boundaries and without any effort.

Publishing marketing


Reach out to the right target audience with the perfect sales pitch for your book under the guidance of our digital marketing team. Grab every opportunity you have to promote the message in your book and attract the right audience. Learn More



Be the pilot of your own aircraft and use your controls to track sales and earn maximum royalties from every book sold.

Welcome to the new era of self-publishing, for more info download our complimentary publishing guide

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