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By choosing Prowess, you get a dedicated project manager for your book. You will be updated about every stage of the book creation process. Your approval on critical decisions of the book like cover design, internal design, type-setting, distribution and pricing are given top priority.



Our quotations, price of packages, royalty are completely transparent. You receive a breakdown of the cost structure of the services provided to you so that you get a clear picture of what you are being charged.



At Prowess, we take every possible step to customize our services according to the need of your book. Our experienced publishing consultants will go through your manuscript before recommending the best package for you.



We have successfully published books of many first time authors, established authors and regional authors. Be it copyrights or ISBN, our team is well equipped to take care of all technical details. We hold a record of 100% satisfaction among our authors.



When an author submits a manuscript, we work with the author as a team to create a memorable book. We value your intellectual property and you gain impenetratable shield for your rights.

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sohini maitra

Sohini Maitra

The Odd One & Other Short Stories

mohammed abdul jawad

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Random Scribble

Hemalatha Author

Hemalatha Gnanasekar

Surprises from India

chandrashekhar siva

Chandrashekhar Siva

Two Short Stories

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