Hare Krishna Book by Mahathi

Prowess Publishing presents "HARE KRISHNA": Evergreen childhood stories of Lord Krishna in classic ballad style poetry

Launched in February, 2017 by Prowess Publishing, HARE KRISHNA by Mahathi is a journey of the childhood adventures of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna. Mahathi specializes in one of the rare forms of classic poetry- Ballad. Mahathi's impeccably written, and brilliantly composed collection of poems will captivate your imagination irrespective of your depth of knowledge in Hindu mythology.

The childhood stories of Lord Krishna has been narrated multiple times in many engaging ways in the past; however, the classic ballad style poetry adds a flavor to the favourite stories you cannot miss. In his book, Mahathi presents the philosophical explanation of mystical acts of the lord on Earth without diluting the purity of essence of the original text; Srimad Bhagavatam (Epic Hindu mythology book).

Mahathi describes the essence of his book in a story format in the introduction to set a tone for the poetry he offers for the readers throughout the book. The 47 poems cover almost all events of Lord Krishna's life; birth, evil schemes of demon Kamsa, fights with various demons, cow maid's love for him, interactions with Radha and bringing down the kingdom of evil king Kamsa. Some poems describe the innocent acts of Krishna others are filled with wisdom. The beauty of the poems is in author's choice of words to maintain the ballad style in every situation of the story yet presenting the complete saga without compromising on details, making the collection one of its kind. Evan Terence Mantyk, the President of Society of Classical Poets, New York, praised the efforts of Mahathi and said very authors had attempted book-length ballad in the past since Samuel Coleridge's work Rime of the Ancient Mariner, published in 1798. He added that Mahathi is a poetic genius who has brought to life an ancient topic using accessible English language vocabulary.

Mahathi resides in Hyderabad, India, and HARE KRISHNA is his 8th book; a product of 2 years spent in deep research- understanding and converting the original story and philosophy in English ballads. He grew up in the fascination of the divine stories of Hindu Mythology, so his subjects of poetry revolve around spirituality, philosophy and Hindu scriptures.

When asked about what triggered him to write the book he said, "I had to compose poems in ballad form for submission to a poetry contest held by Metverse Muse Journal Review, an International poetry journal, in 2012. After running through the first ten ballads or so, my interest grew in the mystic plays of Lord Krishna. I started reading Srimad Bhagavatam in detail, going through the most intricate and unraveled parts and was so excited at the divine exploits of the Lord."

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Published Date:August 09, 2017

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