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Meet Self-publishing

Bid adieu to finding a publisher for your book and embrace the world of self-publishing to create your destiny. Self-publishing gives freedom of choice to publish your book - the way you want and when you want. You can select the best cover design and interior design, decide critical factors like type setting, distributors and pricing, and choose to release your book at your convenient time.

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Self-publish in India and sell your book worldwide

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What is self-publishing

Self-publishing is an easy and speedy way of publishing your book. Your consent is priority at every stage of the book's creation

You take complete control over the publishing process

  1. Select from multiple designs for book interior

  2. Distribute your book with leading retailers

  3. Decide price of your book with our experts

  4. Lead the marketing campaign

print a book or publish an ebook

Print and eBook

Capture your readers with print and electronic version of your book.

Our expert team of designers can create your book with latest designs for your print book and electronic version. We also provide enhanced eBooks with relevant animation, audio and video to make your book interactive, depending on the requirements. Select our eBook creation service in package or as an add-on to publish your eBook.

wide book distribution choice

Wide distribution options

Let your book lock eyes with millions of book lovers across the world.

Let your book cross the seas, fly the mountains, and reach every continent with our global distribution chain. We can take your book to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Publish Your Book in 5 Steps

At Prowess, publishing your book is speedy and simple. Our simplified five-step publishing model can unveil your book to the world in weeks. A dedicated team will work with you in the book creation process and consult you to finalize the best version.

  • Complete-your-book-icon

    Complete your book

    Is your book ready for publishing? Make your book grammatically error free before it enters the publishing process. Get the manuscript proofread by family and friends. You can trust your close ones for editing, but it's advisable to get professional help


  • Talk to our consultant

    Once the final version is ready, dive into the self-publishing process. Take the first step by calling our publishing consultant. You will get a brief about the process, the services and an essence of how effortless book publishing can be.



  • Submit-your-script-icon

    Submit your manuscript

    Send us the final version of your manuscript in Word or PDF format and leave the rest to us. Our experienced consultant will understand the requirements of your book and recommend you the most appropriate publishing package for you


  • Select a package

    Wait no further to see your book in the store. Select one of our four packages and collaborate with our publishing team in book creation process to finalize designs as you book reaches the finishing line.



  • Publish-your-book-icon

    Publish your book

    Once the book is ready, join our marketing team to plan the book launch and witness the birth of your book.


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