Why Prowess?

India has the world's largest educated pool and as a Self-Publishing Author, with Prowess you have greatest opportunity to market your book to this growing reader base and make your name as an Author. Prowess Publishing is established precisely for this reason to help Self-Publishing authors realize their dreams and goals.

Why should I pay for the packages?

Every Author wants a qualitative book to come out in the market, and we understand that each one of them have different requirements, aspirations and budget. We have streamlined the various services that we offer you from proof reading, design, pagination, promotions and marketing which will help a book secure profit and sales.

Who owns the copyrights of the book?

Legally, copyright stays with the self published author, it protects your content against any possible violation. We will have the copyright registered for your book under Registrar of Copyright, Govt. of India. After a set of process and verification, the certificate will reach you within a year.

How many copies do you initially print?

We believe in Inventory management, it's all about how to manage the right quantity of books that will sell in the market. We will be handling the print and the stocking the books to ensure it is available whenever there is a demand for the book. With this kind of a technique your book will never go out of stock.

How will I know the number of copies sold?

Sales activity dashboard, is a page where you would be able to track your book sales. Every author will be given the credential's to log in and check your day to day sales report. You will be notified with both national and international sales for both print and eBooks.

Where all will my books be available?

We will have your book available in all leading ecommerce platforms like Amazon global, Flipkart, Nook, Ingram spark, Google Play

How will I get the return on investment?

This is by far the most common question that every author has in mind, is "how much money will I make by self publishing". This is difficult to answer because your return on investment depends on quality you choose, and how you create the visibility of your book. And yes, once you earn the credibility, you will be able to see the returns strongly.

Is my manuscript safe?

It's one hundred percent safe, the work is legally protected. We will not let the manuscript be misused as we have our own credibility aligned to it. We do not request the authors to submit the entire book before finalizing on the packages. We require a couple of pages, to check if the content is clean and no obscene material is available. So this will ensure that the manuscript is not plagiarized even if its rejected.

Do you also publish books in other languages?

Yes, we do publish books in regional languages, provided with proper fonts and proof read manuscript.

Who decide's the price of my book?

Selling price is decided by the author, but we extend our hands in guiding you the best price which will suit the book genre, page numbers, book format and book size

Why is my royalty higher if the book is sold through Prowess store?

Yes, you will earn higher royalty amount when a book is sold directly from Prowess store is because the distribution cost will only be 30% of the MRP and not 50% unlike other eCommerce stores.

How do I fix the MRP?

Before setting the price of the book, research other books of the same genre in ecommerce platforms. You can make a big mistake by setting a high MRP which will make you stand alone. Once you have finalized with the book size, book format and total number of pages, we will be able to guide you the best price for your book.

How is royalty calculated?

Profit is calculated as the difference between the MRP and expenses incurred on the book. Profit = MRP – Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Cost).

What is Minimum MRP?

The minimum MRP is the least you can set for your book. This is calculated based on the printing and distribution cost.

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