A girl that had to be strong

A Girl That Had to be Strong

Category: Action & Adventure

ByGarima Pradhan

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Book Description

A Girl That Had To Be Strong is a rollercoaster and adventurous journey of Advika who struggled her birth. She is unaware of her connection with Lord Ganesha and who is a girl with a different perspective to life. She has a unique personality and is an old school girl who wishes to face all her demons. Will Advika be able to climb the cliff of life with her originality or will change herself to be acceptable to society? Will Advika try or would stop trying by fearing failure? Will her broken trust make her strong or would break her into pieces. Will she believe in her invisible wings and her hidden powers to change the world? Will it be easy for her to climb the cliff of life with bleeding knees, ambiguous path, stormy winds and negative forces that surrounded her to make her fall and break down in life...Will Advika reach the cliff of life or will get inclined to change her original side?

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