Jaanu Tum Jaan Ho Meri (Hindi)

Jaanu Tum Jaan Ho Meri (Hindi)


ByAbhishek Kumar

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Book Description

A debut novel by Abhishek Kumar born in a small town in Uttar Pradesh is currently pursuing his graduation degree in a reputed college in a small town in Erode in Tamil Nadu. At a young age of 19 when the youth of today are busy enjoying their life and where reading has taken a backseat, this young lad Abhishek is already on the path of fulfilling his dream of becoming a writer. Jaanu tum jaan ho meri is a romantic novel. A story of Sacrifice and Love. The story of young boy Raghav who falls in love with Anu at the very first sight. His love, his longing, her acceptance, their love, their breakup and their...........? He has in a very descriptive and authentic way expressed the deepest thoughts and feelings of his characters. Will they finally meet? What destiny had planned for them? These questions will keep the readers engrossed in the story. The authors vivid expression has a visual impact on the minds of the readers. It is the inborn talent of the writer which is so appealing and sincere.

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