No Turning Back by Hemalatha Gnanasekar

No Turning Back


ByHemalatha Gnanasekar

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Love never leaves. In India, Swaminathan is a gentle and loving husband to Shanthi. Determined to be a good man to her, Swaminathan is unfortunately subject to Shanthi’s domineering abuse. When their daughter is born, Swaminathan knows he must present a good example to her, despite his wife’s behavior. But Shanthi hurts their daughter whenever she’s mad at Swaminathan, and he can’t take it anymore. He decides to leave the house and his family. When he reaches Kanchipuram, a town famous for its temples, he meets a priest and asks him for a rented house. The priest also teaches him about the ways of the priesthood, and soon enough, Swaminathan himself becomes a priest. Six years later, a family friend named Ramanathan bumps into him and is determined to reunite Swaminathan with his family. No Turning Back is a thought-provoking look at marriage, love and the enduring power of family. In this compelling tale, pain and pleasure exist side by side. But no matter how far one man may stray, the love of his family will always be his guiding light.

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