The Shadow of Death - The Conquering Darkness

"The Shadow of Death: The Conquering Darkness"

Prowess Publishing brings you the debut novel of Lucas Hault - The Shadow of Death.

Hyderabad, November 30, 2018- Books in dark fantasy genre has always gathered readers attention. There's something about the dull, bleak, and curved appeal of literary work that gets keeps us turning pages.

"The Shadow of Death," by Lucas Hault is one such literary work that deals with the secret of darkness.

As the story advances in the book, readers will get to know about the impending danger. In the book, the proverb "Truth is a dangerous weapon" is proven multiple times in the city of Harot - where the sun's ray cower to enter.

Prolific writer Lucas Hault has attempted to create a series of events by introducing three ambitious characters. Horrific events lead to the destruction of the land. The dark force is let loose on the streets - preying over innocent souls. Ruler Elias Rayne, Governor-General of Townslane chooses to send his child Borkan on a risky adventure to find a solution to the problem. This mission will lead him to a progression of life-threatening occasions which will change his life forever. The book reveals that dreams are viewed as a Fool's Paradise, yet the issue is shocking for Barbara Maddox whose fantasies are at times scary. Like any dark fantasy, the plot involves elements of fear, wealth and treachery.

The personal journey of the author is equally exciting. Lucas Hualt completed schooling from St. Anthony's School, Ranchi. He completed graduation from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Talking about the university Lucas says, "The institution also played an important role in my development, and it all shaped me into the man that I am today."

His love for reading played a crucial role in developing story-telling skills. We hope the next book will reveal more about the secrets of darkness.

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Published Date:November 30, 2018

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