It All Flashed Back Because of A Magazine

Prowess Publishing publishes "It All Flashed Back Because of A Magazine": Love Story of An Indian Intelligence Agent

Hyderabad, India, April 04, 2017 – Prowess Publishing presents you a novel that will take you on a journey of an Indian Intelligence Agent. It's a short story where themes of patriotism, love, and hatred are beautifully woven. The book is titled "It All Flashed Back Because of A Magazine", the first novel of Vishvam S. Patel and is now available on and Amazon.

We all face situations when we have to make tough choices. This story is about making such choices. Told in flashback, Raj Agarwal, the central character of the story, is an agent of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW): the foreign intelligence agency of India. He has to make choices not every citizen will be comfortable with. One morning Raj receives a call from a terrorist who threatens to detonate a bomb in the state of Kashmir in northern India. Raj is joined by two other officers of the agency, Jay, and Krisha in the secret task. A love story develops between Raj and Krisha in the midst of a mission to save the nation. There are twists in the novel that will keep you glued as you turn pages.

Vishvam S. Patel resides in Surat, India. He is a student in the ninth grade, loves reading books and writing, and is ambitious about working in the field of science in future. When asked about what inspired him to write a book he said, "I love reading books, after reading popular books like Half Girlfriend and The Promise, I decided to write a love story on the backdrop of a national security threat".

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Published Date:August 09, 2017

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