As I saw - The beginning of a rendezvous

"As I saw – The beginning of a rendezvous"

Prowess publishing proudly presents Umar Hasan with his debut novel "As I saw – The beginning of a rendezvous"

Hyderabad, September 09, 2017- We cannot wait to hear the complete story when somebody says they had real life ghost encounters. Horror kidnaps our imagination, and the thrill ride leaves us wanting for more. "As I saw – The beginning of a Rendezvous," is one such book. Written by Umar Hasan, the book is published by Prowess Publishing and is now available worldwide through leading retailers.

The author has carefully articulated the storyline of the book to maintain the curiosity wheel turning till the last page. He is a close observer of events and paints a vivid picture of his supernatural experiences. The story is a compilation of ghost encounters of the author at various phases of life. The first ghost encounter goes back to his childhood days in the state of Bihar in 1994. He was sleeping with his elder brother one night when he felt the presence of someone outside the door. A pungent smell of rotten flesh filled the air. One of the experiences of the author is in his school, where he met a five-year-old boy dressed in casuals waiting for his grandmother. He went to call the peon for help but could not find the boy when he returned. The CCTV footage found him to disappear into thin air. Another interesting story talks about a lady jumping into a well, but when he ran to the well with his friends to help, there was nobody inside the well, the water was still, and there were no footprints near the well. All the stories had a haunted background related to it, which the author reveals later. Frustrated with his experiences, he met a tarot reader, who suggested him to trust his intuitions more than rationale in future. In the rest of the stories, the author reveals how the tarot reader's suggestion helped him handle similar incidences.

Currently, Umar Hasan resides in New Delhi and is a training and development practitioner. When asked about what inspired him to write his book he said, "I won a writing competition in my current organization. The reviewers liked my writing and encouraged me to write more. When I started writing my experiences in my past, ghost encounters came to me naturally, and this book happened."

About Prowess: Prowess has over 14 years of experience in providing innovative solutions in publishing. We have focused on self-publishing since 2011 and have helped hundreds of authors launch their career. Prowess is proud to publish the first book of Umar Hasan. We are glad to provide a platform to writers who want to publish their book and realize their publishing dreams.

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Published Date:September 09, 2017

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