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Prowess Publishing brings to you "And a Dash of Seasoning"

Shreyas Harish's novel is a compilation of seven intertwined short stories that paints the picture of greater forces of universe behind routine activities.

Hyderabad, India, August 03, 2017 – A undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras, Shreyas Harish has penned his first book "And a Dash of Seasoning" with Prowess Publishing.

At some point of time, in life, we all have felt narrow escape situations, even after making big mistakes. This plot of the book revolves around the idea that the universe has some exceptional stories and adventures in stores for us, if we explore with an open mind. This book brings together similar moments together, and a mysterious stranger who saves could be accidents at the right time. The central character of the book, Shrey, is a college student who tries to test the limits of things going wrong and intelligently mixes it with the intention of spicing up the mundane life. He follows his instincts knowing that troubles on the way will be taken care of by a mysterious man at the right time. The attitude also reflects in the dedication of the book, where the author says "This book is dedicated to anyone who made an interesting decision today".

Shreyas Harish hails from Chennai. He is in third year of engineering at IIT Madras, exploring his interests in computer science. However that doesn't stop him from bringing pen to paper - writing, his passion. He enjoys writing about his experiences in daily life. When asked about what inspired him to write a book, he said, "I have always thought about myself as a storyteller. Whether it was on a stage or simply in conversation with friends, I was driven to capture their attention. Writing a book was an opportunity to discover a medium which was more permanent and challenging at the same time. The thrill of working towards being a published author and the excitement of putting my story out there drove me throughout the process."

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Published Date:June 13, 2017

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