Malli and The Yellow Stone by Radha Deep

"Malli and the Yellow Stone"

Prowess Publishing proudly announces the release of Radha Deep’s dream project- Malli and the Yellow Stone

Hyderabad, December 21, 2018: Good thrillers have the ability to grasp our calm. That is the power of heart-beating stories and those spine-shivering accounts. With Malli and the Yellow Stone get ready to take the thrill ride sketched by Radha Deep.

The story revolves around a magical yellow stone. Veera, a worker's child, found an amazingly precious yellow stone in 1664. He escapes with it and as the years revolve the stone is in Dev’s hand. Amidst the turmoil in Myanmar, an accident snuffs out Dev and his wife, Shiela. Dev decides to pass on the precious stone and his infant child Jasmine to Sridhar. Jasmine becomes a part of Sridhar's life as his parents choose to adopt her. Sunita, Sridhar’s life partner eventually learns about the Yellow Stone and Jasmine who is now called Malli. She was the actual inheritance of the stone, and it would be given to her once she turns eighteen. Sunita’s character plays various roles, and that’s how the story revolves around the inheritance of the stone. The journey extends all over Myanmar to Bangalore, including the remote districts of Western Ghats.

Radha Deep comes up with her dream novel. An exceptionally well-written story, crisp style, and unexpected twists are bound to keep readers hooked with interest. Talking about her experience while writing this book, she said, "I wanted to write something that could enthrall readers, just the way I feel when I read novels by master storytellers. Yet I avoided writing. One day, I wrote the first page of 'Malli and the Yellow Stone' and asked my daughter to review. She asked me to write the first chapter as she wanted to know what happened next. I continued writing to fulfill her curiosity, and then one fine day 'Malli and the Yellow Stone' was completed!"

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Published Date:December 21, 2018

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