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Self Publish Your Book With Prowess

Bid adieu to finding a publisher for your book and embrace the world of self-publishing to create your destiny. Self-publishing gives freedom of choice to publish your book – the way you want and when you want. You can select the best cover design and interior design, decide critical factors like typesetting, distributors and pricing, and choose to release your book at your convenient time.

Book-publishing in India simplified - Prowess publishing, a fast growing book publisher in India, assists budding authors at every step of the way – from manuscript development to publication. Self-publishing your book with Prowess is drama-free. Our publishing consultants collaborate with you and navigate the book publishing process. Whether you are writing a children’s book, cookbook, fiction, or an autobiography, our experts will work with you on every detail, one page at a time. Join the rapidly growing club of self-publishers in India and create history.

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Self-publish in India and sell your book worldwide
  • What is self-publishing?

    Download our guide and learn all the secrets of self-publishing

  • eBook-Print-iCon
    eBook and print

    Our expert team of designers can create your book with latest designs for your print book and electronic version. We also provide enhanced eBooks with relevant animation, audio and video to make your book interactive, depending on the requirements. Select our eBook creation service in package or as an add-on to publish your eBook.

  • How-To-Self-Publish-icon
    How to self-publish your book?

    Take your book to the world in five steps

    1. Finalize your manuscript

    2. Talk to our publishing consultant,

    3. Submit your manuscript,

    4. Choose a package

    5. Publish your book.

    Our approach is systematic with checks and balances that guarantee a beautiful book at the end. Learn more

  • worldwide-distribution-new
    Wide distribution options

    Let your book cross the seas, fly the mountains, and reach every continent with our global distribution chain. We can take your book to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Why self-publish your book with Prowess?
  • At Prowess, an experienced publishing team will work with you to understand every requirement and deliver accordingly. A dedicated project manager will attend your calls throughout the publishing process to address all your queries.

  • High-quality print

    Prowess has maintained 100% satisfaction from authors in quality of books. With the best resources in the industry, we started a tradition of printing the finest quality books.

  • Our packages are designed to meet varying requirements of authors depending on budget. These packages will take your book towards the finishing line. Select a complete package or choose add-ons to customize.

  • Author-friendly

    By choosing Prowess, you hire a dedicated project manager for your book by default. You will be updated at every stage and consulted on every crucial decision. Get in touch with your book manager and get a glimpse of the smooth publishing process.

Are you an aspiring author? Realize your dreams with Prowess

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    Book Creation

    Publish your book in print and eBook format to make sure you reach out to all the audience globally.

  • Editing-icon-new

    Make your book error free and increase your chances of selling more copies and become a best-selling author.

  • Designing-icon-new-1

    You have only three seconds to impress your reader. Having a good cover on the book is a step closer to success.

  • Distribution-icon-new-1

    Make your book available in more than 200 online stores through our distribution partners across the globe.

  • Marketing-flat-icon

    Reach out to the right target audience with the perfect sales pitch for your book under the guidance of our digital marketing experts.

  • Royalty-icon

    Be the pilot of your own aircraft and use your controls to track sales and earn maximum royalties from every book sold.

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Author Testimonials
  • Praveen Gupta

    I am an author of six books related to Innovation, Six Sigma and Quality Management and have worked with Amazon’s Create Space and also with Prowess Publishing. I was impressed with high quality services provided by Prowess Publishing from start to finish. Currently, my book is being distributed by their parent company eBooks2go and I am fairly satisfied with over all service.

  • V.Sithannan

    From the time I got an idea about writing a book to the final step of publishing it in the market, Prowess Publishing helped me every step of the way. They have been extremely patient and cooperative in shaping up my book “Police Investigation”. I am proud of my book and feel happy about the services provided by Prowess Publishing. They branded me as an author.

  • Dr. Palan

    I have worked with Prowess to create eBook versions of my printed books for Amazon, iBookstore, B&N and other retail stores. My entire experience with them has been great. From Books conversion to distribution, it's been a smooth process. I get all my sales reports and royalty payments on time and they help me with marketing of books. All in all, a great service!.

  • Nikhil Chandwani

    I've been happy and fortunate enough to get published by Prowess. I am delighted with the excellent coordination by the team. The printing and distribution services were commendable.

  • Vishvam S. Patel

    Prowess helped me become an established author in four months. As India’s one of youngest writer, I am thankful to Prowess for guiding me through the publishing process. I strongly recommend Prowess

  • Ranjini & Ruchira

    I have worked with Prowess Publishing for my book Mango Masala, a cook book for Indian food lovers. I was impressed with Prowess Publishing business ethics, their employee commitment to making our book look great and their professional approach towards launching our book in the market. If we are writing a second one, our choice would be Prowess Publishing.